Monday, October 27, 2008

Git 'R Dun Day

I'm home. It feels incredible.

Not that I haven't enjoyed my ping-pong trip around the Midwest these past couple of weeks! I spent time with family in Chicago this past weekend, enjoyed excellent Indian food with Jenni and Sarah in Grand Rapids last week, witnessed an incredible array of colors on my drive, and even road-tripped it with Jamie for a couple of days.

Oh, and worked. A lot!

But my favorite part of the trip? Coming home and spending time with my boys. We had a completely lazy night together. Josh even had a pot of spaghetti sauce brewing for me when I returned. We watched TV, took Riley out, and went to bed on time. I didn't check email, barely touched the dishes, and still have a half-full suitcase upstairs that is waiting to be unpacked.

Which reminds me...

There is a lot that I've neglected lately - from laundry to eating right to certain sewing projects to blogging (have you noticed?). I also have a stack of bills to pay, belated birthday cards to mail, and emails to answer.

Let me just tell you - I can't WAIT to dig in and put my life back together. And as a result, today is my official "Git R Dun" day. Josh is out of town tonight, and instead of dwell on our lack of time together I'm going to use the opportunity to be very, very productive.

I may not change out of pajamas, but I'll put a bunch of other pieces to my life back in place.

Here we go.


Searle Family said...

I'm glad your back in town again. We've missed you.

Dave and Jenni said...

I had so much fun with you guys Thursday night! Dave ate the rest of the curried lamb and loved it too. I would have loved to stay and talk more, but was a little worried about the random staggering man coming out of the corner party store with a bottle in a brown paper bag. Yikes. Still, though, we have to do it again the next time you're in town (and find a less sketchy place to talk until the wee hours!). :)

Jenner said...

i need to get it all done today too. glad you had lots of fun trips though.

Short Stop said...

Git 'R Dun Day. I am desperately in need of one of those!

I had a great time, too! It was grea to see you, again! :)

Short Stop said...

Apparently, my Git 'R Dun Day means finding a lost "t". LOL!

Chrispy Critter said...

Welcome home! PJ's are sounding mighty fine!

Lynn said...

Wish I had read this in the should be a motivational speaker. I'm all rarin' to "Git 'R Dun!"

Hope you were able to check many things off your list!