Thursday, October 16, 2008

Writer's Block

I've got it. Big time.

All evening I've wanted to post something.

I googled "blog post ideas" and looked at websites like this.

I contemplated telling you a story from childhood, listing my top 10 "must haves" for a business trip, and finishing a book review post I started last week. But at this moment I don't feel up to it.

Then I started a new "favorites" post about my beloved pair of red tennis shoes. But in its current state, its awful. Totally boring.

So I'll turn this over to you, Internet. Is there something about me that you're curious about? A funny moment we've shared that you'd like me to recount? Perhaps a how-to (but keep in mind my limited number of skills)?


Chrispy Critter said...

How about your top 10 favorite books?

Clint said...

I want to hear more about you and Josh... what happened after you started dating? Any funny stories?

aletha :: pearls events said...

I have no suggestions, however your Josh + Jessica story inspired me to write our story, but I have failed to do so yet.

Dave and Jenni said...

I think you should go to and take a look. I've seen a couple people do them now and it's hilarious. If I have time, I was gonna do a post about it next week.

Anonymous said...

Just write about whatever- we like hearing about it, even if it/s silly. OR, I would be happy to blog about Betty Crocker Warm Delights for you, because I LOVE THEM. A few years ago, I actually wrote a whole article about how much i love them. YOU could do somehing you love. What do you love?

Short Stop said...

Crap. I'm so behind in reading. Can I still ask?

1. What is your favorite children's book?

2. What is your favorite alcoholic drink? And, non-alcoholic one?

3. What is the 4th book on your Sony e-reader?