Monday, March 2, 2009

Our Hot Valentine's Day Date

You know, throw 13 kids into a lecture classroom, along with 5 other adults, and you can have yourself a rockin' good time on Valentine's Day.

First, who doesn't love crafts?
Or puzzles?
And babies, of course! This is Josh with our neighbor, Ainsley. She is giving him a look that clearly says, "you are crazy."

This kid entertained herself by going up and down the stairs. Uuuupppp... dooowwwwnnn.... uuuppp... dooowwwnnnnn. It was all she was interested in for most of the evening. Her mom told me later that they didn't have stairs at their house. I'm sure to it was like holy cow what a fun new thing to do! for her. I can go up AND back down. Wow! Look at me go! Believe me, kid. Stairs become less exciting as you get older.

She only face-planted once, and I figure one fall in 2 hours isn't so bad.
The #1 lesson I learned about taking care of children in a college classroom?

You can bring in all the puzzles, games, and snacks you can carry, but what the kids really want to do is color on the massive dry erase boards. When you're 4 the boards are taller than you. All we had were 4 markers and a few magnetic erasers. It made for hours of entertainment. Seriously.
You can see some of their artwork in the background of this picture. Stellar.


Tom, Beth, and Ainsley said...

Ah, very cute. Thanks again for watching Ainsley that night. it was good to get out by ourselves for a change!

Erika said...

I think Josh is giving Ainsley a look in that picture as well, kind of like - what in the world am I doing here?!?! :) To be enchanted with dry erase boards again, sigh.

Short Stop said...

I am laughing so hard, because even though I knew about this, seeing the pictures, it's just plain hilarious all over again!

And, you guys are AWESOME for doing this. What a blessing to parents. Really.

Dave and Jenni said...

What a great gift to those parents, Jess! I can attest to the fascination with stairs, even when you have them all over the house. It's still what Lily wants to do all day.