Thursday, March 5, 2009

Our Spring Break Plans

Any of you long-time readers of this here blog may remember that Josh and I spent an incredible two weeks in South America for his spring break last year. Josh, the lucky duck, gets a full two weeks off from school for spring break, and I was able to use some vacation time from work. We're so glad we went - it was truly beautiful and interesting and enjoyable all around.

Since we've already got an exciting trip planned for this summer, we'd decided months ago that Spring Break '09 would be a much more low key affair. Josh thought it would be nice to spend a few days with his parents in Phoenix, and I figured I'd just save up that precious vacation time and continue on working.

Boy were we wrong on the "low key" prediction.

First, a 4 day trip to Phoenix for Josh has morphed into a 10 day trip to Argentina for Josh and his parents. When it comes to vacations, my in-laws are all about the scenery - the mountains, lakes, and oceans. They've harbored a significant desire to check out South America for themselves, especially after seeing our pictures and hearing us rave about the scenery in that part of the world. But I think heading to a remote part of Argentina (San Carlos de Bariloche) by themselves, not knowing the language or area, was a little daunting for them. Understandable! So Josh will be doing a bit of tour guiding and translating for them while they're there. I mean, in addition to just enjoying the area again. I'm sure they'll have a wonderful time.

I'm a teensy bit jealous, but I always knew I could never pull off two big trips in one year. I'm happy that Josh can go again and know he is looking forward to it. And, as I like to tease Josh, someone's gotta work!

Plus Josh has promised to buy me another purse while he is down there. Woo hoo! I love me some Argentinian purses.

But me? My time in the states will be anything but low key.

I have a friend in Michigan that is due to have a baby. Like ANY MOMENT. And she asked me to help out, labor coach style, at the hospital! Me! I'm deeply honored and totally excited. Starting tomorrow night, I'll be spending the next week+ in Michigan on full baby alert! And depending on when this kid decides to show up, I'll potentially get to help take care of a newborn. Anyone who knows me well knows just how much I love tiny babies and just how exciting this prospect is for me. And I'm so excited for this little family and their new addition.

(On that note, if anyone has any advice, please feel free to leave it in the comments.)

And little Aiydan Paul? Please sit tight in your mama's tummy at least until tomorrow night. K? I don't want to miss out on welcoming you into this world!


Short Stop said...

YOU will be a great help to your friend! I know it! cool that Josh gets this time to travel.

Erika said...

Stay calm whatever happens in the labor room. That was a major help to me - Bryan was Mr. calm and cool.

Sorry you can't go on the trip :( but at least you'll be having your own mini-vacation. And perfect timing (Lord-willing) so you don't have to be with your friend while Josh is home alone.

Dave and Jenni said...

So your last couple of weeks are all coming together for me now. I suppose it would have been better had I read them in chronological order instead of backwards, but live and learn... :-) Sounds like you had a fulfilling time even if you did stay in the States.