Monday, January 19, 2009

Tickets to Europe? Check.

Woo hoo! Old Country, here we come.

Last night we found a screamin' deal on a roundrip flight and just had to jump on it today. So much so that I called my boss at home this morning (we have MLK day off) to double check that it wouldn't be a problem.

In late May we'll fly from Detroit to Brussels (random city, I know, but cheap is cheap), and return in mid June. We just started plugging in different cities within a 6 hour radius of Columbus (Chicago, D.C., Cincy, Indy...) and different European cities (Paris, Amsterdam, Rome...) into the search fields on travel websites. After about an hour of fruitless searching for a decent fare, we stumbled upon something sweet. We quickly called my parents, who decided immediately that it was too good to pass up. They'll be joining us for the first half of the trip!

Now, the only thing we have set so far is the flight. The trip itself is wide open! But here's what we're tentatively thinking:

First: The Netherlands
Dutch Windmill Pictures, Images and Photos
I've always wanted to see the places where my grandparents grew up and where my uncles and aunts were born. I want to see the rivers my Opa patrolled as a water policeman and eat in the restaurant that was built out of the house where my Oma was born . My dad, who has seen all of these places before, will be our travel guide. He also grew up speaking Dutch at home, so he can act as a translator, too! Throw in a visit to some old Dutch relatives, and we'll be all set. A family history trip!

My family has talked about taking a trip like this since I was in about third grade. My parents would always say, "we'll take you when you're older." Well, I'm certainly older now and we're actually going.

Second: Up in the Air, but maybe Paris
eiffel tower Pictures, Images and Photos
After spending a few days in Holland, we'll all head out for another adventure before my parents head back to the states. Paris isn't too far, so that could be a fun option.

Third: Italy
colusseum Pictures, Images and Photos
When we first started thinking about this trip, we were all, "lets go wherever - we're completely open to anything." That has slowly but surely changed to, "when we go to Italy this summer..."

We'll have a solid week to tour around Italy, and we're completely jazzed about it. We're all about the cities and the historical sites, but would also like to take it easy in a countryside B&B, too. We have LOTS of planning to do!

We couldn't be more excited.


Lynn said...

Woo Hoo! Congratulations! Can't wait to read more as your plans develop. I am just a bit jealous as you may have gathered my love for traveling. We are hoping to hit Europe in the next three years...we'll see. If I didn't have a baby due in May I might have tried to tag along on YOUR trip!

Paulina said...

That sounds so fun! Have a great time - I'm definitely a bit jealous but I have had my month in Europe once, I'm assuming it won't happen for a while if ever again! :) Eat a lot of good food for me!!!

Tom, Beth, and Ainsley said...

That sounds like so much fun! I m so jealous! Make sure you sight see Brussels when you get there too, it is a beautiful city! If you need ideas on cheap flights between countries, let me know-there are a couple of companies I used while on study abroad such as and ryanair that have really cheap flights if you don't want to take the trains everywhere

Searle Family said...

I'm so excited for you!! A great Post-Graduation Celebration!

Rebecca said...

You'll have so much fun! I can't wait to go back someday...

Gram said...

Oh, what a great trip! You might consider a road trip along the Rhine with a side trip to the Black Forest. It is truly beautiful. Whatever you decide, I know you will have a fabulous time.

Gram said...

Oh! The Kukenhoff gardens should still be open and in full bloom then too!!!

the buurstra's said...

Sounds WONDERFUL. Only SLIGHTLY jealous. :)

If you're looking for another idea for a side trip, I've heard Austria is GORGEOUS.

Can't wait to see pics!

Short Stop said...

How TOTALLY AWESOME! We really want to go to Italy - probably our #1 place to go overseas. It will be so fun hearing about your adventure!

And, you guys are SO wise to do this now. Trips are possible after kids, but the legwork, the emotions, juts planning to get away in general gets so much harder when you have little ones to raise.

SO happy for you!

Chrispy Critter said...

That sounds so fun! My church has some really cool family history stuff online, if you are interested let me know.

Dave and Jenni said...

Jess, this sounds AWESOME!!! I cannot wait to hear more about the plans but it sounds heavenly. So excited for you!!

Jessica said...

That sounds wonderful. I think it would be fun to visit some old relatives in Holland too. And Italy has always been a dream of ours.

Have fun!!