Monday, January 26, 2009

Put To The Test

Exactly one day after my chocolate resolution, we randomly were invited to partake in a classic chocolate-eating activity: making s'mores.

I don't think I've ever made s'mores in the dead of winter, so I was a little surprised by the invitation. But what Friday night activity can be better roasting marshmallows over the gas log in someone's living room? Not to mention delicious. So we quickly agreed to join them for the activity, with one caveat: the chocolate had to be fair trade.

To be fair (ha - get it?), we agreed to pick up the chocolate if they'd take care of the rest. Josh about fainted when we ended up spending over $11 on 3 candy bars. But we had to try a few different types, in order to discover our favorites, right? And now we have leftovers - perfect.

And you know what? The s'mores were very, very delicious! Here you have it: a fair trade s'more.

Our favorite s'more friendly chocolate was the vanilla flavored one shown below.
The first fair trade chocolate experiment went off without a hitch. Now on to chocolate chip cookies!

And if you're looking for less expensive fair trade chocolate, try Trader Joe's. They're selling it for $2 a bar, by far the best price we've seen.


Dave and Jenni said...

Way to stick to it, Jess! So what was your friends' reaction to your request (besides you buying it)? Just curious.

Anonymous said...

I was cool with it. Making smores in the fireplace was a studenst suggestion of something fun we should do for the holiday weekend. So I said, "why not." I was suprised that Jess was going to follow through with the fair trade chocolate, even for smores, because paying 3.00 for smore chocolate seemed out of the realm of the Brown's I know, but, Jess wanted to stick to her convictions, which I was OK. with. :)