Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The time I told Josh he couldn't kiss me

Back by popular demand - more selections from the Josh & Jessica story.

Well, the drama was finally over. Josh liked me and I liked Josh - at the same time. Whew! After our fateful discussion on the nursing school steps, the next step was an official first date.

Actually, the first step was to tell Carrie. Josh wanted to be the one to tell her - he felt it was the right thing to do. However, I couldn't keep my big mouth shut - I was too excited and ended up blabbing it everyone in sight. Not my proudest moment. So of course Carrie found out the very next day - and through the grapevine. She wasn't pleased - especially with Josh. But it all worked out in a few days - she was very gracious.

Then came our first date. Josh was going to pick me up at 6 on a Saturday evening, but at 5 I had a "house meeting" planned with my seven other roommates. They were nice enough to let me duck out of the "who is cleaning the bathroom on which day" conversation early so I could all dolled up for the big event. I came back downstairs right before 6, and was immediately sent right back up to my room.

You can't get the door for your own date! They told me. And back upstairs I went. What they really wanted to do was interrogate Josh when he came to pick up me. And so they did.

710 Catherine Girls (Carrie included): Come in. Sit Down.
Josh: Uh... okay...
710 Catherine Girls: What time will you have her home?
Josh: Uh...
710 Catherine Girls: How's your car running?
Josh: Uh... okay...

And so on. Mostly in good fun - Josh was good friends with most of those girls and they really enjoyed giving him a hard time.

Finally, after they'd harassed him enough, they called me back downstairs. Wiiitttteeeee, he's here!

Before we left, one of my roommates, Julie, took this picture of us:

For almost 3 years, I didn't know it existed. I'd forgotten all about it. But Julie actually saved it for all that time and gave it to us, framed, for our first anniversary. How sweet is that? Jules, if you're reading this, thanks again!

Josh took me to TGI Friday's (we were told it was THE first date place to go) and then rented Top Gun. I remember being so nervous I couldn't eat. It was a little weird to think about - I mean, we'd shared meals so often! And then I told him something I'd been thinking about for the few days leading up to that point:

I don't want you to kiss me for a month.

I think I was feeling totally overwhelmed with life at that moment. Another school year was starting. I was living in a house for the first time, starting up another Bible Study in the dorms at Michigan, starting a new job at the cafeteria, and then had added a new boyfriend to the mix. Not just a new boyfriend - my first boyfriend. And my best friend. I'd been on a few dates, but nothing serious up to that point. And I'd never before been kissed - the very idea freaked me out. What if I wasn't any good at it?

At that time I felt that one more new thing would push me off the deep end.

I think Josh was surprised, but he was sweet and very understanding.

We almost made it a month.


Daphine said...

Very cute story! I look forward to coming back and reading more.

You guys make a great looking couple!

Marcia said...

that's a fun story! but it sounds like it is part of a longer story--did you post bits of it earlier and I wasn't a reader yet?

Jaimbob said...

So I'm assuming you had been dating at least a month by the time I tried to "watch" a League of Their Own with you guys... ;)

Lynn said...

Yippee! Another installment in the J&J love story. Love it!

Erika said...

I love your stories, Jess! What about the next installment being about that first kiss????? And I was right there with ya. The first time Bryan tried to kiss me I wouldn't let him :) What if I didn't kiss very well??!?!?!

Short Stop said...

I love that picture of you guys! Adorable!

That first kiss - always drama surrounding it, it seems.

You guys do make a great looking couple!

Dave and Jenni said...

"We almost made it a month..." LOL. What a cute story, Jess! And how awesome to have a picture of your first date! Good memories.