Friday, May 22, 2009

A Big Birthday Surprise

Want to know what surprise looks like on a newly-minted 50-year-old?

Like this:

My dad pulled it off! A true surprise party - a rockin' one.

A couple of months before my mom was to turn the big 5-0, my dad, cousins, and I started scheming about what we could do. Chicago? No, then we couldn't have very many people there to celebrate. A big party? Eh, that's okay. But then my mom will feel like she has to work. But a surprise party? Perfect. And way more fun.

We made reservations for dinner for six, leading my mom to believe that was it. And by the time we left Bonefish Grill, she was thinking she'd had a pretty good birthday. Unbenknownst to her, friends and family were starting to gather in her backyard while we all were at dinner.

My dad and Josh had left detailed instructions, and a couple of aunts set everything up.

It was a fantastic evening, with the last of the guests leaving at 2:00 am!

Even baby Aiydan and his mom were there to celebrate.

Nice job, Dad!


Lynn said...

Wow, you really are your mother's daughter. Great job on the surprise party. Looks fun!

Jaimbob said...

awww... I like your parents! That looks like such a fun party! ;)

Gram said...

When I turned fifty my friends did exactly the same thing. While we were out to dinner with one couple, everyone else was setting up a party at our house! Maybe it's a family tradition now??

Dave and Jenni said...

Happy 50th Mrs. Witte! Looks like you all had an awesome time!