Sunday, August 16, 2009

MLS, baby!

On our new-to-the-area exploration of Columbus, we've had fun checking out new restaurants, areas of town, and shopping centers. And we've also made it to the zoo and a minor league baseball game. So far, so good. And now can check off another community experience -

The professional soccer game.

Josh in particular was excited about the fact that Columbus is home to its own Major League Soccer team. For one, the man loves soccer. He follows Liverpool (English Premier League) in a major way - reading British soccer news, listening to beautifully accented soccer podcasts, and of course, watching them on TV via the extra cable package we got for that purpose.

In fact, the Liverpool game is on right now and shouts of "COME ON! THAT'S GOTTA BE A PENALTY" are coming from the man sitting ten feet away from me. Anyway.

Also, soccer is a local sport that we can join the community in supporting. This certainly can't be said for any other sport, since we arrived here with already-established sports allegiances.

Baseball? Detroit Tigers
Hockey? Detroit Red Wings
Basketball? Detroit Pistons
Pro Football? Detroit Lions
(is there an echo?)


College Football? Michigan Wolverines

So that puts us in the position of rooting against our neighbors in almost EVERY. SINGLE. SPORT. Especially when it comes to those darned Buckeyes.

But not soccer. We have the Crew to cheer for, thankfully. Our community team.

So we went, with our six Columbus friends. To save on parking we piled all eight adults into one couple's Previa. Man those minivans come in handy!

I'm not really a fan of soccer, but was pleasantly surprised by how much fun I had. It helps to sit with girls and chat about houses, paint colors, and the little cheerleaders out of line at the halftime show.

So I'm curious.

When you move, do you support whichever the local sports teams happen to be?
Do you stick with the teams that you grew up watching?
Does it depend on the sport?
Do you even care about sports, local or otherwise?

And do you see these big, non-pixelated pictures on this post?



Marcia said...

Awesome pictures!
We don't watch any sports, although we enjoy it on occasion, so I can't help you out on this topic.
I do, however, have a particular soft spot for soccer. Enjoy that local team! (or in Josh's case, the Liverpool folks as well!)

Chrispy Critter said...

I miss being a columbus friend!

Anonymous said...

Um you definitely stay with the teams you grew up changing allegiances! Can't wait to see you guys next weekend!!!

Alex said...

Tell Josh he was right. That was totally a penalty in the Liverpool game. The ref was blind.

Anonymous said...

did you REALLY need to post the mean face picture???

Short Stop said...

First of all, FABULOUS pics! :)

We are, and will always be, die hard MD and Ravens fans. However, my baby sister went to UNC, so I find myself cheering for them from time to time in b-ball. Other than that, I don't really care about any other teams.

I do hate the Steelers.

I love sports. I like some better than others - baseball? Eh, I find it kind of boring. But, I love sharing a love of sports with Jason. And, football/basketball season is our favorite time of year around here. SO much fun!

Jenni S. said...

OK, so we *definitely* don't change teams when we move. And Dave's and my favorite sports teams reflect that. I mean, the man went to Purdue and is a die-hard Hoosier fan. That's loyalty.

Oh and we love sports. Me watching, Dave playing/watching. He'll watch just about anything (I once caught him watching a local little league game on a public access channel), though I really don't like watching golf (sorry Shortstops) and hockey (sorry Browns).

Jenner said...

i love soccer. that is so fun you got to go to a game. cute face on lora too!