Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Family Room


We wanted to hammer out our family room before our friends came to visit (yes, we need deadlines in this house!) and so hightailed it to the mall/Target/Homegoods a couple of weeks ago for those finishing touches. And now it is done. Woo hoo!



It is our strategy in this place to concentrate on one room before moving on to others. It feels way less overwhelming that way. Our next stop? My office. Then our bedroom. Or maybe our half bath. But back to the family room for now.

And of course, this post wouldn't be complete without some before/after pictures.







If anyone is curious, here's where we got our stuff:

Mirror: Target
Rug: Homegoods
Vases: Crate and Barrel
Couch/Sofa Table/End Table/Coffee Table: Hand-me-downs from Josh's parents
Desk: Target
Chair: Borrowed from our dining room
Lamp: West Elm
Wall Art: Bellcor (but inspired by Pioneer Woman, of course)
Basket: Homegoods
Other Accessories: Hobby Lobby, Target, IKEA

The one piece of this room we hadn't originally planned on is now one of our favorites. We pulled our main computer down from the upstairs office and put it in the family room. This is the computer where we store all of our pictures and music, and when either of us were using it before it just seemed so isolating to sit upstairs. Now, since the computer is in our family room, we can be part of the action when we're using it. Plus, we found a cheap desk at Target that matches the mission style furniture we have in other parts of this room. Bonus!



Christopher said...

Beautiful! To be honest though, it looks even better in person! And to your readers, that room totally has a coffee house feel at night. So cool! Good job Browns. :-)

Jenni S. said...

LOVE this, Jessica! It's really well done and I love the flow from the family room to the kithcen. Great job!

Erika said...

Wow, Jessica, you do such a good job decorating! I love the changes!!!! The house looks beautiful, modern, and inviting :)

Short Stop said...


An absolutely awesome space. I love every part - couldn't possibly pick a favorite.

Love, love, love it.

Chrispy Critter said...

When I get my house maybe you should come help me! Hopefully it is is Colombus!

Marcia said...

you are doing amazing things with your home!

Laura said...

WOW - it looks amazing! I love your wall art!

jbajema said...

Your home looks beautiful! You have your mom's touch of decorating, Jess. Jo