Friday, February 29, 2008

New Living and Dining Rooms

After a week of living like this, we found some "takers" for our old furniture and they came last night for it. And a super sweet guy from church came with his truck and helped out, which was really nice.

And we now have our home back!

Here is the look at our living room, complete with a beautiful leather sectional couch, great end/coffee tables, and fabulous Frank Lloyd Wright-style lamps. The area next to our front door (upper right corner) is a little cramped, but it is well worth it for the new living room set-up.

And here is a shot from the living room into the dining room (our extra small, cramped kitchen is off to the left of the dining room, fyi). The sofa table doesn't quite (or really at all) fit behind the couch, so we've found a home for it next to the bathroom (which is off to the left of this picture). I LOVE the extra space for books! And so what if you have to turn sideways to get into the bathroom?

Back to the lamps. Isn't this great? Josh and I love this style! We have two table lamps and one floor lamp and they're beautiful.

All in all, some excellent hand-me-downs! We're really excited.


The only family member not exactly thrilled with the new furniture is the little fur-ball. He misses his chair and is currently experiencing a little bit of identity crisis.

He now thinks he is a cat.

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Dave and Jenni said...

Oh my gosh, I love that picture of Riley! Hilarious!

And the new furniture looks awesome! I love how you arranged it - it seems very cozy. :)

Short Stop said...

It looks AWESOME!

And, that picture of Riley is indeed hilarious! He is in for it when you have kids! :)

Jaimbob said...

Love the new furniture!!! Though I did like like your old couch. Too bad I wasn't in Indiana to come by and pick it up... ;) Hey I think you should include my nifty new blog in your good reads section... ;) How was the couples weekend?