Monday, February 11, 2008

Valentine's Day Date

We're not huge into Valentine's Day around here, but like to celebrate on a small-ish scale.

Actually, on our first married Valentine's Day we decided, in light of a limited budget, to let the holiday pass us by - we didn't need it, right? Then that night I came home from work and cried because I didn't get any flowers. One of my more shining moments - ha! We then decided to bake heart-shaped cookies and watch a romantic comedy. Much more my style!

Anyway, this year we're going to help out with a "Parents Night Out" event with the business school - basically providing free babysitting on Valentine's Day. Should be fun. So to celebrate the holiday we just spent the day together on Saturday. Wonderful! It involved a trip to Archiver's (yay!) and a real mall in Indy and lunch at Stir Crazy, which we decided that we liked. Our gifts? New shoes for each other (Josh's were needed, mine - not so much).

There is something so romantic for me in simple times spent together. I love it.


Dave and Jenni said...

Sounds like my kind of Valentine's Day too (especially the shoes!). :) How kind to provide babysitting for those with kids - I'm sure those parents will deeply appreciate it!

p + j + g buurstra said...

We dont do much for the "hallmark" holidays either, although if Pete gets a brainstorm to cook me dinner or something I'll certainly eat it! :) I usually leave a love note on his pillow...awwww...
have a good week!

Short Stop said...

YAY for new shoes! I love that idea...I'll have to pass that one onto Jason! :)

BTW, as the mom of 3 little ones, you are doing an AWESOME thing for those parents, Jess. What a great way to bless them! :)

Erika said...

Ahhhh, Happy Valentines Day you two! Glad you at least had some time together. Bryan and I are going out tonight :)