Wednesday, February 13, 2008

What To Pack?

So we're getting super excited about our South American adventure - less than three weeks away. 10 days in a foreign country - yay! Our itinerary is filling up with horseback riding, whitewater rafting, city touring, and checking out the beautiful countryside!

(this is a big street in Buenos Aires)

And this week we found out a couple of details about the trip that made me get a little worried.

#1 People in S. America (especially Buenos Aires) don't wear shorts, baseball caps, or really anything overly casual. We'll be in there in temperatures that are similar to August/September for us. End of summer. No shorts? That limits me a bit! And if it is hot out I'm not going to be wanting jeans/pants each day. Hm... maybe I'll have to check out Target for some skirts (not that I REALLY mind an excuse to go shopping).

#2 We can each take only 1 bag. Weight limit? 33 lbs. THIRTY-THREE?!? I have a hard time with the 50 pound limit we have to abide by when we visit my in-laws in Phoenix. This will be a "bare-bones" trip, clothes-wise. Just the basics. For ten days. Hm...

So I'm wondering - if you had the limits that I have for this trip, what would you bring? Is there a "non-negotiable" piece of clothing you'd HAVE to take? Or something that is super versatile? Or that can be easily washed in a hotel room sink? What would you bring?


aletha @ pearls events said...

Holy crap--good luck packing. 33lbs is NOT much and my advice to you would be to WEAR EVERYTHING you want to bring!!! LOL! Just pile it on :)

Camie said...

HI Jessica!!
Matt and I have both travelled and lived extensively in S. America--Matt lived in Buenos Aires for 2 years. So if you need help in this area, please give me a call!

sbaar said...

I like Aletha's idea. But I do get really cold on planes, so layering is not a bad idea.

Underwear is a necessity. :) And I think a versatile skirt is a great idea too. Make sure your most comfortable shoes are on your feet, then you can probably leave the rest at home.

p + j + g buurstra said...

If you can get your hands on some microfiber-I'd definitely plan on that. Doesnt wrinkle, or at least not much, and is really lightweight and comfy. Good luck!

Dave and Jenni said...

It's always the shoes that get me. That and toiletries. So if you go light on those, the clothing really shouldn't be too heavy. I agree with your idea about skirts. And if you take camisoles that you can layer under things, those are lightweight too (and easily washed and dried in a hotel room). Good luck.

Marlene said...

Hi Josh and Jessica,
Your trip sounds exciting but what a pain with packing. Yes, I would buy some skirts to take along. I look forward to hearing about trip.

By the way How did you find me in the world of blogs?