Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Valentine's Day, Continued

So after reminising with Josh last night about our first Valentine's Day as a married couple, I realized that I'd left out an important detail. After he saw my disappointment over not receiving flowers, he went to the computer and printed one out. He then traced two others and colored one in red (see above).

You see, he'd gotten me one rose our first V-day (dating), two on our second V-day together, and I figured he'd get me three on our third, which also happened to be our first V-day married. All day at work I was SO looking forward to coming home to them! In his defense, I'd told him "no presents" beforehand and he took that to mean "no flowers" either. Looking back, I can see his point.

But then, in a super sweet, cute gesture, he made me three flowers that evening. And I stuck them to the fridge.

We ended up having a bunch of fun that night, watching a movie and making/decorating cookies. Aren't they cute? We made so many I think we still had V-day cookies in our freezer in June.

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Dave and Jenni said...

Dave did the same thing to me one year for our anniversary - we said no presents and he took it also to mean no flowers. I *did not* mean it that way, since he had always brought home flowers every year before. He, however, did not have the great idea to make flowers. Oh well, I forgave him anyway. :)