Monday, February 25, 2008

The Current State of Our Apartment

So our home is in a temporary (I hope!) state of disarray. Basically, we have 2 couches (both quite large), 1 oversized chair, 2 decent sized dining room tables, a Poang chair, 6 coffee/end/sofa tables, and 12 dining room chairs stuffed into our little 1000-ish square foot townhouse. Not to mention a bookshelf, bedroom furniture, desks, and a futon.

Getting to the kitchen or the desk in the office takes some significant effort. Kind of like an obstacle course. So why in the world do we have this much furniture?

Well, my super sweet and generous in-laws decided to move and redecorate, and no longer needed some BEAUtiful furniture that we'd always liked. So they shipped it to us! We're thankful they have such good taste. The wood pieces are a great dark cherry color and a cute prairie style look. Plus a nice big leather couch. I'll take more pictures once it is all in place :).

The only problem is that it all arrived sooner than expected. Josh got a call at 7pm one evening while I was gone last week and was told they'd be there at 7:30 the next morning. So he shoved all of our existing furniture wherever he could and then loaded the new stuff around it. You can see our dining room piled high, and our office packed wall-to-wall with dining room chairs. It definitely makes things interesting!

I think some of Josh's fellow students may take the extra stuff off of our hands... thankfully!


sbaar said...

Oh, wow! That's very cool that your in-laws are so generous! But I would start freaking out in a couple days after tripping over something for the third time. :)

Short Stop said...

That's awesome, Jess!

I LOVE that green paint color...when we move, you must share it with me! :)

Dave and Jenni said...

Wow, how generous - especially that they shipped the furniture to you! You'll definitely have to take pictures one you get everything arranged!

Erika said...

I love what you've done with the place, Jess. No need to get rid of stuff, just keep packing it all in :) Makes life oh so much more exciting when every day it's a journey to get from the bedroom to the kitchen...