Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Not Allowed

So I've been starting to do some online research on the nursery front. With the little nugget's expected arrival in a mere six months, I've got to get started soon, right? [grin]

Who's surprised?

One fun idea/trend that I see on flickr, Project Nursery, and HGTV.com all the time is incorporating a simple wall decal into the design.

I mean, how cute are these?

(both images from projectnursery.com)


Not surprisingly, there are oodles of designs to choose from. Birds. Flowers. Stars. Sports themes. And on and on. We'd both like the overall nursery "look" to be modern and simple and slightly whimsical. For the decal/wall art, I came up with idea of a dandelion.

It's sweet. I love the little round puff, and the seeds floating away in a graceful little arc. It reminds me somehow of dreams and wishes and and fresh air. I envisioned it very subdued, just giving some extra interest to one of the walls. Something like this, but in white and in a nursery setting:

(photo courtesy of flickr & aijographics.com)

Well then, my friends, I hit a road block. My husband.

You see, he works for a company that sells lawn and garden products. They have a number of different product lines, including grass seed, bird food, insect killer (it probably has a more professional name than that, but I don't know it), dirt (aka "growing media"), and fertilizer. Josh works specifically on the "lawns" team there.

And what, do you think, is the #1 most hated lawn problem?

Um yes. It's weeds.

Like dandelions.

They're particularly troublesome to lawn-loving folks everywhere.

And Josh refuses to include them in the decor of our baby's room.



Amber said...

I'm sorry your dandelion dream was crushed, but I had to laugh too.

Jenni S. said...

I love how you told this story! Tell Josh it would be like a scarecrow for dandelions. :) Actually, that would probably look like a big Scott's logo on the wall. On second thought, don't tell him that. ;-)

Christopher said...

I cringed when I saw the dandelion blowing in the wind there...and I am using Scott's products to eradicate them. I know that the blowing dandelion is a classic childhood icon, but if Noah or the twins do that in OUR yard there may (nope, will!) be some correction going on... ;-)

Chrispy Critter said...


Jaimbob said...

ha! :) Welp, I guess you will have to pick some sort of an animal them... ;)

ps... you really shouldn't write "nugget's" that s even with an ' threw me off... ;)

Anonymous said...

Lighten up Francis! If you want dandelions, you should get dandelions.


Chop said...

Lighten up Francis!

Geez, if you want dandelions, you should get dandelions.

Erika said...

Too funny. Let us know what the compromise ends up being. ;)

~Ginger said...

Such a tough dilemma and yet such a fun one! Congrats on the new baby to come!

Just wanted to tell you that I got the Basket Works gift today! It's fabulous! I am dividing it up between myself and two of my girls coming home this weekend!

Thank you again! What a wonderful and generous gift!!! They delivered to my work so all the women I work with could see it. Hopefully they will find a reason to order a basket, too!!