Sunday, April 25, 2010


I'm a mature(ish), married, 26-year-old professional with a baby on the way. I'm a homeowner (together with Josh, obviously) who regularly works in the yard and tries to keep on top of the laundry.

And yet, I get a rush of 7-year-old excitement when I think of where I'm headed in just 11 days:

Walt Disney World

I love Disney. For me, there's something really special about that place. Fairy dust. Cinderella's castle. Mickey Mouse ears (which I'll be sorely tempted by, I'm sure).

I've been there several times, but each time is still exciting. I remember being truly spooked by the Haunted Mansion, feeling very brave for riding Space Mountain for the first time, and enjoying a massive turkey leg. I still recall joy of meeting the "real" Minnie Mouse, the rush of excitement (and water) on Splash Mountain, and delighted anticipation of riding the monorail toward the Magic Kingdom.

And then there was the time by brother cracked his head open at the campground, and the time I had an all out cat fight I had with my cousin Erin. There was pulling of hair and the scratching of faces - and at age 16. To this day, neither of us has any idea about what started the fight. Ah, the memories.

Most of all, I remember just being enthralled with it all each and every time.

And now I get to go again - with people who have never been before. It'll be even more fun experiencing it through their fresh eyes.

My mom and I are going with Montoya, Aiyannah, and Aiydan in a couple of weeks. We're going to be staying at Fort Wilderness, the Disney campground, and spending a fun-packed long weekend exploring the parks.

Aiyannah, who's 7, can hardly sleep at night, she's so excited. And I'm sure she just has no idea how very special it will be.

I know just how special Disney is, but still, I can hardly wait either.


Clint said...

Awesome! I was at Disney twice this past year (one trip was for work) so I can give you lots of tips if you're interested. Let me know!

Jaye P. said...

I am so jealous!!! But so excited for you! Enjoy the magic... and say hi to Mickey for me!

Jaimbob said...

I like how you say you get a rush of a 7 year old.. you must be just as excited as Aiyannah... ;)