Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The contents of an Easter basket for a 5-month-old.

At the last minute, I decided to throw practicality to the wind and get Caroline an Easter basket. A non-negotiable tradition, right?

And then my practical side kicked in again.

She needs nothing. Of course. I buy her stuff on a regular basis. Onesies. Rice cereal. Fast flow bottle nipples. A clip-on high chair. Etcetera. What's the difference between that and piling goodies into a basket for her to "open" on Easter Sunday? Not much.

But for the sake of taking pictures of her "first Easter basket", I did just that.

I found an unused basket in our house, and padded the bottom with a towel.

Then I loaded the following into exciting items into it:

Oatmeal cereal. We were running out.
Baby food jars/packets of fruit. When you can't eat candy, fruit is the closest thing, right?
Spoons. Because we were always running low on them.
Sippy cups. We'll need them eventually.

And then a few gifts more for fun. Books, of course.

A book about baby sign language. Can't wait to start that in a couple of months!

And my personal favorites: Two "Indestructibles" books. Yes, that's right. Bite proof, rip proof, chew proof, and completely washable. AWESOME. My friend Kendra had brought some to Indy for the Hoosier weekend, and I was totally impressed. I picked out Humpty Dumpty (because it seemed Easter-ish) and Mama and Baby.

49275444 49275456

I love the colors. The artwork. The fact that there aren't words and I can just talk with Caroline about each page. I highly recommend them!


Short Stop said...

I love this. Perfect Easter basket for her. Practical, precious, meaningful! :)

Love the indestructible books. I'd never heard of those before. Might have to get some for Whit - they're a great deal!

Ali said...

Love the Indestructibles!

Erin said...

Lucy's basket this year was similar! I knew she was going to get toys and candy from the grandmas.

We love baby sign! Lucy still signs "please" for added emphasis if she really wants something... candy, pacifier, etc. :)