Friday, May 20, 2011

Six months

okay, so I'm 2 days late in posting this...


Dear Caroline,

Today you are six months old. And what a sweet, smiling, darling little baby you are. Your big blue eyes dance when people talk to you, and your gummy grin melts my heart. And your laugh, oh that precious little chuckle. It almost takes my breath away. Family, friends, and strangers alike stop to tell me how beautiful you are. And of course I agree 100%.



Although I’m excited for your next steps (sitting up, teeth, and crawling) I’m perfectly content to enjoy your babyhood in the “now.” You’re such an easy baby. You go with the flow, each and every day. You love your Exersaucer, your Sophie toy, and anything that crinkles – including the bag of chips you dumped over yesterday.


You also love the swing in our backyard, and we'd use it more if it would EVER stop raining.



You’re SUCH a good little eater, and you eagerly open your mouth for each new food we try. You’re even starting to feed yourself, with Mum Mums and and a little mesh bag I can put bananas in. And you're a complete disaster after each and every meal.

This week we’ll take you on our first family vacation, and we can hardly wait. We’ll even dip your little toes into the ocean! I wonder if you’ll like it. You sure do love your baths! You kick and kick and splash to your heart’s content. And then roll around naked in your towel afterward. It’s a favorite time of day for all three of us.


And by the way, your nude Elvis-inspired butt-wiggle is the funniest thing anyone has ever seen. Not very ladylike!

Life with you is so very sweet. Your daddy and I love spending time with you. We praise God for you and seek His guidance for how best to raise you. I’m sure we’ll make mistakes along the way, but we so hope to grow you into a loving, kind, adventurous child.


But for now, stay little for a while longer.


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Short Stop said...

She's so, so precious. I can't wait to meet her!