Friday, May 6, 2011

In our backyard...

Me: She's too little.

Josh: No, she's not. Look at her. She likes it.

Me: No she doesn't. Look.

Josh: Yes she does, you just have to push her.

Me: Not too high! Her little neck...

I was wrong. Or course. Once she started going, she was all smiles.

To quote my friend Amy, "this is why kids need dads."


Anonymous said...

INDEED. :) Enjoy!
Marcia Van Drunen

Ali said...

LOVE this.

Erika said...

So very true!

Short Stop said...

I think that *all the time*! Oh, how my boys need Jason. I would be raising totaly wimps without him.

Loved this post. She's so precious.

Short Stop said...

*total. Had to be corrected. Couldn't leave that one. :)

Deni said...

First of all, can I steal your swing, second of all, can I steal your baby and 3 of all, this made me smile! I like smiles :)

proudgrits11 said...

Juat didn't want to lurk without saying "hi again!" I loved an earlier post about GRACE and how we don't deserve these precious kids--so humbling, isn't it??? And then this--yes, they need their dads, don't they??! I have two sons and I hate to imagine how they'd be without their daddy! It's such a blessing! Enjoying your blog--thanks for sharing your life!