Sunday, June 5, 2011

6 Month Pictures

This is 6 months:

Constantly kicking feet.
Interested in what's going on around her.
Eating copious amounts of baby food - everything but avocado.
All toys inserted into the mouth. The ones that crinkle are always nice.
Lots of poop.
Lots of drool.
Lots of swinging in the back yard.
Open-mouthed kisses. That involve tongue.
Tooth-less grins.
Bare feet since shoes don't stay on.
Mum mums.
Family vacation.
Dumb baby songs always make for a smile.
Violent splashing in the bath.
Rolling all over.
Little interest in sitting up.
Constant babbles.
Attempting to sit, falling over, and laughing about it. Standing up is much preferred.
Trouble with naps.
Early morning nursing in bed with mama and then falling back asleep.
Not much hair.
13 pounds, 4 ounces (4th percentile)
25 3/4 inches long (41st percentile)
Lots of work, but very fun.

[A huge, gargantuan, everlasting THANK YOU to Sarah for taking such incredible pictures - the last 7 included in the post - of our family!]


nicole tieri cornell said...

I have said it often but it bears repeating...she is charming and dear with a magic face. I think you should keep her...sucky naps and all. And are completely in your element...I can tell by how beautiful you look ;)

Ali said...


Amber said...

I can understand why you're Michigan fans... you guys look great in blue!

Short Stop said...

How much do I love this little girl? She's so precious.

LOVED photographing your family. LOVED IT!

Erika said...

Gorgeous pics!!!!! Beautiful family :)

Tom, Beth, and Ainsley said...

So cute, she is adorable! I can't believe how tiny she still is. Sam just had his 2 month appt and he was already 14 lbs!

KellyMichelle said...

These pictures are gorgeous! She is so cute! I am so glad you finally got the baby you prayed for.

proudgrits11 said...

HI! I found you when I was looking for paint ideas and spotted your "spa" office--and, wow, what a cute family!!! So adorable!!
I am collecting paint ideas for my future craft room--my last craft room was orange and turquoise so we have similar taste! :) I love your office and wondered if I could copy a picture or two (with a link to your blog) to show the color?? thank you and congrats on your precious family!