Saturday, June 11, 2011

Road Trip!

0524_9773-2We've had ourselves a good old fashioned road trip.

Just the three of us, the open road, and a Subaru packed to the gills with diapers, a pool floatie, and Mum Mums. I usually try to be minimalist when I pack but OH MY STARS I failed miserably this time around.

Ah, well.

First stop: NORTH CAROLINA. Where we have some dear friends. They were sweet enough to let us stay with them, and then proceeded to feed us with an awesome assortment of Southern favorites. Including BBQ and homemade strawberry ice cream. They've got four darling little boys, and we loved spending time with all of them.

Seriously. How cute are these two? Whitman is just a couple of months older than Caroline.

We picked strawberries together.


We enjoyed some fellowship. And Wii Super Mario Bros. (Let's face it. That was mostly Josh. Jack experienced my skills, and then didn't ask me to play with him again.)

We even took a day trip to the coast, explored an old fort, took a car ferry, and ate dinner by the ocean. MMM.

Thank you, Caroline and Whitman, for cooperating so nicely.


And, to our delight, this family is going to stay with us soon, when they're on a road trip of their own. Perfect!

We're completely blessed to have friends and family in all corners of the country. So, you know, we can pop by on road trips. And catch up. And eat. And love on each others' kids.

And we had a fantastic time with this family. Loved them.



Jess said...

We are both in the carolinas!!

Short Stop said...

I LOVE, LOVE this picture of us with out babies! Love it! :)

It was a great couple of days. We loved having you and can't wait to do it, again!