Monday, June 13, 2011

Road Trip, Stop #2: Charleston, SC


How did I live for 27 years and NOT know just how cool Charleston is?

I had no idea.

The old, majestic houses. The iron scrolls. The history. The side porches. Oh my goodness. Incredible.

We also enjoyed the food. No surprises there.

We stayed with one of my best friends from my childhood - Laura. She actually lives in a darling historic house on the north end of down town. I loved getting to spend time with her in Charleston. We haven't had much of a chance to spend time together since high school. You know, ten years ago. And two weeks after we left? This girl got married! So happy for them.

When we were in town she asked me to take some photos of Charleston that they could use to hang up in their living room. She wants 4 of them, and for them to be square.

A photo project? FUN.

So we walked all around town. Caroline strolled.
And was sometimes fed a bottle as we went.

So, if you were Laura and her husband, Adam, what Charleston pics would you choose?

A. The Battery. Apparently Charleston and the surrounding areas played a pretty important role in both the Civil and Revolutionary Wars. I don't think I really knew that.

B. Totally awesome iron gates. They're all over town.

C. Window grates. This one is a classic "harp."

D. The iconic pineapple fountain. They even let you play in it!

E. The side porch is classic Charleston.

F. Can I have this house, please?

G. Local women sit and weave these on street corners. Beautiful work.

H. I forget the significance of this house. But it is OLD. Like, 1700's.

I. Pineapples are big down there. I think it's a symbol of welcome.

J. Another fabulous house with a crazy-cool iron gate.

And then we've got more choices for Laura and Adam. Do they want color?

Or perhaps they want them in black and white?

What about a retro vibe?

I'm fond of this faded effect:


Erin said...

You are so talented! Love those, love the first batch in color, but BW look awesome too.

Amber said...

I personally love A, B, D, E, I and the retro vibe. Also, I would love to commission you to do something similar for C-bus :)

Short Stop said...

They are ALL gorgeous. But, D - the pineapple fountain! HOLY COW! That is my favorite.

This makes me miss Charleston. I want to go back!!

Anonymous said...

A, C, D, and E and definitely in color!