Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lora's Baby Shower

A year ago or so my friends Lora and Meribethe threw me a beautiful shower.

And last week I got to return the favor for Lora!  Her baby is due next month and I'm so excited for her and Patrick.
Lora's professional life has centered around reading, learning, and school, so I thought that it would be fun to incorporate some "bookish" elements into the decor.  Also, they're going with mostly primary colors for the nursery, so I wanted to keep that for the shower too.


Alphabet blocks seemed logical - and fun - choice.

And each guest was asked to bring a favorite childrens book as a part of their gift.

I also had fun with the food... like cake pops! 0910_4652-1

One week before the shower I received a cake pop maker for an early birthday present. I was already planning on making cake pops for Lora's shower, so it was a perfect, timely gift! And it made making them SO easy.
Anyone who knows Lora knows of her Aquafina love! I almost bought Dasani water bottles (gasp!) but thankfully caught the mistake before I left the grocery store. They were easy to "spice up" with paper and ribbon.

Lora also has a soft spot for cakes from Dairy Queen.  When I ordered this one (yellow, bottom left) I asked for stripes.  I thought the result was an interesting interpretation of my order.

Here's the mantle... who knew kids books could be used for decorations? 0910_4644-1 
I had so much fun planning this shower! Can't wait to meet Baby Kaiser in another few weeks!


Anonymous said...

1. Thanks again for the beautiful shower
2. And for sharing pictures
3. And for not posting a picture that makes me look too terribly dreadful
4. And for the baskin Robbins cake, which I will enjoy a piece of tonight.
5. And for being a good friend!

Ali said...

Love the mantle - my favorite part!!!

Erika said...

Adorable Jess! You are so creative!!!

Kristen said...

cute! i love this idea!

tell me more about the cake ball maker. i always have issues with my cake balls not looking uniform and yours look amazing!

Chrispy Critter said...

Full body goose bumps!!! I didn't know LK was pregnant!!! What a darling shower!!!