Saturday, February 18, 2012

Advice needed: Baby hair.

We've got this toddler.
She's slowly but surely getting a baby mullet.

Sometimes it's nice and curly.
27 Curls

Sometimes it's nice and wavy.

Most of the time, however?  It's matted and snarly and she looks like no one loves her.

I've tried pigtails.  They totally melt my heart.
01 Backyard - Pigtails
However, her hair is so thin that the rubber bands move around/fall out pretty quickly.  And barrettes are instantly lost.

So, Internet, give me your best recommendations.  Product?  A wash/comb cycle?  A (sniff, sniff) haircut?  Just let it be?


Caroline @ The Feminist Housewife said...

Maybe try spraying it with a spray bottle of water while combing?

= )

Tom, Beth, and Ainsley said...

Her hair is exactly like Ainsleys! Thin, curly,mullet...bald on top? Anyway, when we are at home, I don't do much. But when we go out, I spray it with water (and detangling spray when she got more hair). Then I comb upwards and scrunch. This makes it more curly. Then sometimes I add mousse if i need it to stay. If Caroline's is like Ainsley's, the top won't stay as curly, it is looser curls, so I always pull the top half up in a ponytail. Good luck! Curly hair is adorable but can be a nightmare at times! I'm already dreading what it will be like to manage when she is a teenager.

Tom, Beth, and Ainsley said...

One more tip, I put Velcro on the inside of alligator clip barrettes to help hold her hair. Buy the stick on kind and attach the stiff, scratchy side to the bottom side of the clip. It helps a little.

Laura said...

When Ella had shorter hair and it would get ratty in the back, I used detangler spray (the cheap suave kid's kind) and it would at least help it not look so ratty. I did end up cutting her hair when she was about 18 months just to cut the back off and it worked. I didn't love her hair until it started getting longer. Just part of being a little girl!

Ali said...

I have no advice (I'm not a hair girl - ironic considering my sister's occupation), but I love her hair! Reminds me of Harper's :)

Rachel said...

We had the same thing with Ellie and just waited it out a few months. Now she has long curly hair. One thing that helped was putting in a little conditioner (any kind) after her shampoo and not rinsing it completely out. It helped with the rats nest and made it easier to scrunch some curls.

Deni said...

When did this walking happen? I miss everything in Indiana! LOL! I am back at blogging again and being on the internet more now that I have it at home! MISS YOU GUYS!

I was actually just reading the little note book you all gave me before I left...sigh...

Erin said...

Lucy had a baby mullet like Caroline's too. I let it grow out for a long time and then started getting it trimmed in the back just a little. We put mouse in some days. Many days it's just down and wavy and crazy.

I almost gave her bangs but the girl who cuts our hair said to wait it out just a little longer because soon it will go behind her ears. We have just barely made it to that point and Lucy is 3 and a half! I think she has had 3-4 hair cuts total. All girls get the mullet. It just seems more noticable if your child gets it at 1+ because some little girls have long beautiful hair by then. :)