Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Freezer Paper Stenciling

Like the rest of the world, it seems, I've been enjoying Pinterest.  And my latest Pinterest-induced crafting interest?
Freezer Paper3
Let me just tell you, this is SO EASY.  SO FUN.  SO ADDICTING.

I stumbled across this link, which first caught my interest because it was about how to DIY Disney t-shirts for your kids.  And I just happened to be in the midst of planning a trip to Disney.  Score.

In a nutshell, here's how it works.
Tools Needed:
Freezer paper - NOT wax paper (find it near aluminum foil at the grocery store)
Craft knife
Fabric paint - find it at any craft store.
T-shirt (or whatever you plan to stamp your image onto)... I've found nice options at thrift stores and Wal-Mart.

1. Find an image you want to use.

For me, that has meant scrolling through google images and selecting some nice, simple options.  Either that or finding a font I like and printing off a letter/word.  {Otherwise jump to #2 and just draw an image onto freezer paper.}

2. Trace the image onto freezer paper.

3. Using an inexpensive craft knife, cut out the image to create a custom stencil.

4. Iron the freezer paper image onto your t-shirt.

5. Using a cheap foam paint brush, dab fabric paint onto your stencil/t-shirt.  You'll want to let your initial coat dry and then add another layer.  I've found that 3-4 coats works well.

6. Let it dry for at least 4-5 hours, and then peel off the freezer paper.

VOILA.  Custom shirt.  And you don't even need to sew.

I made this one - Pluto was my favorite Disney character as a child.
2012 Random

My mom made this one:
I've also made several birthday/baby gifts.  Like I said, I'm hooked.

I've stumbled across a few more examples of this technique... fun, aren't they?


Ali said...

Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. LOVE!!!

**** April **** said...

These are awesome!!

Mida said...

Love!! How have they held up?