Thursday, August 2, 2007

back in G-Rap

Well, just as we were getting settled in Bloomington we headed back to Michigan once again! The road down there is getting a little too familiar! Yes, we're back in town for our the wedding of some of our friends from college. We were sad to have to pack up and leave our new little home so quickly after moving in, but are quite excited to see our college friends again. Tonight we are hanging out with other friends and bringing Riley with us to meet the gang. He did a GREAT job with the 6+ hour car ride on the way up here, pretty much sleeping on our laps the entire way. He had a nice time terrorizing Chloe, my parents' 11-year-old dog, once he got to their house, but has mellowed out nicely since he has been here. He continues to do great with potty training (no accidents yet!) and getting to know us, and we just love being with him! Josh in particular is head-over-heels for this little pup, which I love to see.

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