Monday, August 27, 2007

More on life and the little guy

I looked back at my planner and noticed that exactly 1 month ago we packed up the moving truck (with help from both sets of parents) and made the journey down to Indiana. One month ago we gave back our Woodland Creek Apartment keys and kept right on going. Then that very next day we met Riles for the first time at the farmer's market. Hard to believe! Things have gone so fast and they've just been... good. God has been so good in providing for us! So many things have fallen into place so quickly and easily and we're so thankful. School stuff, our apartments jobs, friends, and finances. Blessings. I think we're also getting close to deciding on a church... that will also be nice.
We miss our Michigan friends tons (and hope they visit soon) but have enjoyed getting to know some new folks. We even had a couple couples over Saturday night for our special recipe spaghetti sauce, Guitar Hero, and some Settlers of Catan (you know you're sad to have missed that, Julie and Kara!)
Josh started school today and I was oh so tempted to take his picture out in the front yard with his backpack - I mean computer case - on. Do you remember when your mom used to do that?
Riley-boy had a checkup on his bum leg and they said he was doing so well that they took his cast off early! He is still weak on the leg and often limps, but is doing quite well. He has another few weeks of taking it easy, and then we'll get to do more walking/playing/obedience training with him after that. We're looking forward to it. The picture above is of him watching me work this morning.
Josh is taking me on a date tonight... just us. Woo hoo! Then tomorrow already Nana and Poppa Brown are coming to visit. Should be fun. We're also excited for:
1. the Logozzos to visit on Saturday
2. college football starting (also on Saturday)
3. visiting Ann Arbor next weekend
4. the semester to be in full swing. We know Josh will be incredibly busy this semester (at least everyone keeps telling us that) but he is really ready to get into the thick of it. Two weeks of orientation was a little overkill-ish, I think.


Jaimbob said...

I really think that you should have taken a picture of Josh with his "school bag" it would have made me smile... :)

buurstra+buurstra said...

Hey Jess! Unfortunately we cant do either of those weekends in October. Do you have any other ones that you guys are free? Also-I'm sending invites, but Nov. 4 is Grayson's dedication at church...we'd love to have you if you can make it! So maybe if we see you guys there we could push our visit to Bloomington until spring?

buurstra+buurstra said...

Josh and/or Jess,
Can we get your address so we can send you stuff?