Thursday, August 23, 2007

The homemaker in me...

I love crafts. I haven't thought of myself as a "crafty" person until fairly recently, but now must admit that I am.

The new endeavor:


For some reason that word makes me think of cute little white haired ladies sitting in a rocking chair making doilys. And hey, that may be me someday. But I went to a craft night with some of the other wives/girlfriends last night and was inspired by the beautiful blankets others were making. Adorable. So today I went with my friend to Hobby Lobby and Borders and came home with a hook, some yarn, and a book called The Happy Hooker. I have made but a couple of random braid-type-things, and am looking forward to future crochet adventures. Let me add that to my list of other crafty things I'm into/want to learn: sewing, quilting, and scrapbooking. But hey, why not learn a new skill?

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Jaimbob said...

I think I know what all your friends who are having babies will get at their baby showers... ;)