Thursday, August 30, 2007

Big day for the Browns

For Josh: The beginning of college football. Granted, the bigger day is Saturday when Michigan plays. Still exciting to see LSU play Mississippi State.

For Riley: His first bath. He did quite well and is presently trying to lick all of the water off of his body. Good luck, buddy.

For Jessica: A new job! Yes, I accepted a job with The Greater Bloomington Chamber of Commerce doing some communications/committee/event/who knows? type work for them. I interviewed there twice and really got a great feeling from them both times. This week was actually a bit stressful as I was trying to decide between two different jobs. A blessing to have options, but in a way I wish I would have only been offered one of the jobs! In the end I knew that I would enjoy going to work more with the Chamber job and was able to negotiate some details. They seem great and I'm super excited to start on Tuesday. From here on out I'll be working for Zondervan 20 hours per week and the Chamber the other 20. It should keep things interesting around here! I'm so thankful to have two great, interesting jobs!

Off to bed for me as I have a marathon 11 hour babysitting job tomorrow!


buurstra+buurstra=anotherbuurstra said...

CONGRATS on the new job...sounds fun! No big labor day plans for us, just guys? Take care, and have fun babysitting!

sbaar said...

Hey, that's great! Congrats on the game, the bath, and the job. :) Weird sentence. Sincere sentiment.