Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fashion Help Needed

Dear Internet,

As I was trying – and failing – to pack for a quick business trip I embark on tomorrow, a few fashion-related questions cropped up that I'd like to ask...

1. What color of pants go best with a yellow dress shirt?

Is khaki enough contrast? Does black look too bumblebee-ish? Does navy make me look like a walking advertisement for the University of Michigan (not that I mind that too much)?

2. Can I pull off light blue pants after Labor Day?

They aren't white, but they're pretty light.

3. What color of shoes should I wear with navy pants?

Black is out. This much I know. And I refuse to buy old-lady-navy-pumps. So... Tan? Brown?

Now that I look back, these are all pants-related.

As much as I enjoy warm weather, I'm ready for some cold - when I can break out my awesome wool dress pants that I love. But since it will be almost 80 degrees in Kentucky tomorrow, I'll leave those in the closet for now.

And I'll probably end up in all black again for my meetings tomorrow and Thursday. But I'd appreciate your advice for the future.


aletha jo said...

My unprofessional answers

1. I think both black + khaki would be fine, but to mix it up, I'd do an olive green. Not drab khaki, and not standard black.

2. Depending on the fabric, I would say most likely no. Light blue pants = spring/summer in my book. Although there is a pretty "winter blue" that I see in Holiday collections. Unless they are a heavy cotton twill or corduroy that screams FALL/WINTER, I wouldn't sport 'em.

3. Navy for sure--unless you've got a great color other than brown, tan or black. No old lady, pumps, though. Please! I have an adorable pair of navy blue suede ballet flats that go with lots--jeans, cords and dress slacks...

Dave and Jenni said...

OK. Here's my answers (and I am no fashionista, so my feelings aren't hurt if nobody agrees):

1. I love yellow with a good olive green or a warm camel color. But I also think you could easily do black or khaki.

2. I'm going to say no to the light blue pants for most things, BUT if you're going to Kentucky, southerners tend to dress in lighter colors and fabrics longer than most other parts of the country because of the heat, so you could probably still wear them through Sept in the South. Not past Sept though.

3. Navy is hard because the shoes really need to be as close a match as possible to the particular color navy you're wearing and navy can look so different depending on fabric/material used. If you have a shoe that is another color with navy trim, or something really fun like red or green (that would match some other part of your outfit) you could try that. But I agree with Aletha Jo and don't do old lady pumps.

Erika said...

I actually just red on MSN that white after Labor Day is ok these days. So, I would assume a light colored whatever would be as well :)

I think you always dress cute so whatever you end up in I'm sure you'll look good :)