Monday, September 29, 2008

Shoe Shopping

Yesterday I received a SUPER EXCITING birthday gift. A present that leads to one of my favorite pastimes - shopping for shoes.

Yes, you guessed right - a Zappos gift card. I'm jumping for joy inside. There isn't much more exciting than that.

But I could use some assistance here. Your job? Vote on your favorite option:



I Like:

Jetty by Privo at Zappos.comJetty
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I Like:

Mesa by Privo at Zappos.comMesa
by - Powered by Service


Or is there a brand I don't yet know about? An awesome style you've had your eye one? LET ME KNOW.


sbaar said...

I like #1 or #2 best. :)

the buurstra's said...

ooooh, VERY difficult choice. i like either the first one or the last one. and probably the last one the best.

lucky girl. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Girl!
I think the first ones Circuit MJ are the best, cool colors and seem very comfortable. Enjoy your gift.


Erin VT said...

Happy Birthday a little late! Sorry to make your decision more difficult, but I like #3 the best and have heard great things about Privo. Also, I noticed your nice message to me a few days ago. We will see who is ranked higher at the end of the season.;)

Christopher said...


Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I like either #2 or #3 because I have Privo shoes and LOVE THEM! They all look great though!

Kristen said...

I vote for #1. Happy Belated Birthday! what a fun gift. I heart zappos. I love free shipping both ways - so nice.

Lynn said...

I gotta vote for #1. Make sure you let us know what you decide! Oh, and happy birthday! 25, yes, that IS a milestone!

Elissa said...

Zappos is a lovely choice for shoe shopping, I found wonderful collection of shoes there.