Tuesday, September 9, 2008

More Wedding Pictures!

My super-talented mom figured out how to put these together - aren't they beautiful?

Erin has friends in East Grand Rapids that were kind enough to host the party at their place. An incredible spot for a wedding reception - gorgeous!

Tent/table/sound system/light set-up started on Friday.

Gisel, Pablo's sister, setting up a tent.

Ondersma sisters - Brooke, Lauren, Chrystin, Erin.

Getting the bride into the dress without ruining the hair is always an interesting endeavor!

Last minute beatification.

Holy cow! How is it that we're all grown up?

All 6 bridesmaids - Lauren, me, Chrystin, Gisel, Brooke, Martha


What a cake! I totally dig the cake-topper, too.

Sure-fire signs of a rockin' outdoor reception - muddy feet and a dirty hem!

Attempting to dance latin-style with my dad.


Kristen said...

you all look beautiful. the flowers were amazing -your mom did a good job. i loved her cake - how fun! looks like a wonderful wedding.

aletha :: pearls events said...

Gorgeous wedding! Love the location--what a cool back yard. Perfect for a lovely summer wedding. Love your dress, Jesscia. Thanks for sharing photos, as you know I'm always up for a good wedding recap :)

the buurstra's said...

LOVE the bridesmaid dresses!! While it may have been difficult to dance in, it looked fantastic!

Dave and Jenni said...

What a beautiful wedding! I love al lthe bright colors and the cake was gorgeous. Kudos to your mom on the flowers!

Short Stop said...

I LOVE those flowers. What a beautiful wedding. You look GREAT!

izzy27 said...

I love your blog! All of the photos of the wedding (and especially of the bride and bridesmaids) are amazing! Wasn't it a great day?