Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Cookies This Time

We've moved past gingerbread, and we're on to cookies.

I spent Friday night in Grand Rapids, after having a work engagement in Lansing earlier that day, and unexpectedly got to take part in cookie baking and decorating with kids at my parents' house. It was totally fun! We had five kids, one teenager, three adults, and enough sugar to have the entire place buzzing. 

The kids in question? Three of them are my cousin John's children, and three of them friends from my parents' church. It has been a rough few months for both families, but hopefully they were able to enjoy a night of sugary fun.

Here we are in the cookie cutter stage! Each kid picked out their own shapes and decorated them later on.

My dad & Corinna

Emma kept me cracking me up all evening. Here, however, we were all too serious about cookie decorating.

All kinds of decorating fun.

My parents have an incredible gift and heart for opening their home to others. We're talking kids from church, grown up nieces and nephews, adult friends, all kinds of people. As I spend time there as an adult, I'm often struck by their open door and welcoming attitude. They truly love nothing more than spending quality time with people in their own living room. Most of the time things aren't too elaborate - just a drink and simple appetizers. Talking and sharing with people they care about is what is important to them.

If you have something to celebrate? Come on in. Is life really rough right now? Hang out here, and we'll hand you a big glass of wine. And listen.

It is truly how I want my home to be.

And they really love doing things with kids, too. Plus, they know from experience that parents can use a break! They don't have grandkids of their own, but it doesn't stop them! With this group in particular they're setting up one night a month where the parents just drop the kids off and head out. Then, when the parents return from a night out, they put a movie on for the kids in the other room and hang out with the adults. They love every second of those evenings. And I love just watching them in action.


Lynn said...

Very inspiring. Looks like a fun evening for all. Your parents clearly understand the joy of giving.

Annette said...

What a great family I have :)

Marcia said...

Fabulous. What a neat thing to peek into your parents' lives through you. Blessings!

Dave and Jenni said...

Oh that looks like fun! We've been having cookie time here too and the girls love it!