Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Colorado, Days 3 & 4

Yesterday we took the day off from skiing and had some nice family time. Our activities were low key - eating, playing cards, and going out to see Australia.
My arms and legs were very thankful for the break.

Today we were at nearby Beaver Creek.

Fall Total: 3
Today it was extra chilly, so we took an extra break for hot cocoa.

On the chair lift...
Beaver Creek is great for mountain views. We'd see sights like this at various turns.

So I was trying to take a picture of myself with the mountains in the background, but clearly took it a little close. However, upon further investigation I realized that in this picture you can not only see my mitten + camera, but ski runs in the background. See? It's artistic.

Ahh, that's better.


Kristen said...

looks like you are having a great time.

lance and i saw australia last sunday night - i really liked it. it wasn't what i had expected.

the view from the chair lift had my stomach turning just looking at it - oh so high up! its why i am not a skier much to my husbands dismay. he and the two older kids love to go. i am content being a chalet mom, its much safer :o)

Dave and Jenni said...

Wow - it seems so beautiful there. I can only imagine what it looks like in real life!

So you saw both Australia and Marley and Me? I definitely want to see the latter - wasn't sure I wanted to sit thru what seems like it might be a melodrama. What did you think of Australia?

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