Saturday, June 13, 2009

Curtains Galore

You've missed hearing about the house, haven't you?

Well, probably not.

But we missed it - just a little bit - while we were away. And now that the jet lag has faded and the laundry is all clean, we felt that we were ready to tackle an itty bitty project.

We have a full 9 windows across the front of our house, and the original window treatments were just short of dreadful. We them all down down, along with their hardware, prior to painting, and have felt a little on display ever since. And really, watching Jeopardy! while the sun hits us right in the face isn't our first choice, either.

We're novices at this homeowner/decorating thing, and choosing window treatments was more difficult than I would have expected. There are so many options! Curtains? Shades? Blinds? (After almost 4 years in apartments, I put my foot down on using vinyl mini blinds, but there are other blind options, as I soon found out.)

Our first order of business? The guest room. With two large street-facing windows, we knew our guests would have zero privacy until we hung something up.

Josh chose the color combination for this room, and we both really like it. We already had the bed/duvet but the wall color and curtains (on sale at West Elm - yay!) are new.

Today we tacked the family room and living room – a row of windows the stretches from one side of the main floor to the other. Since the rooms flow openly from one to the other, we decided to get the same treatments for all four. And after countless trips to the store and many changed minds on what we wanted, we decided to go with a simple look - white curtains.

Before (Family Room):


Before (Living Room):


Josh wanted the type with grommets, and we found these puppies were on sale at J. C. Penny. The rods are all from Target.

(Side note: if you don't care where I purchased these things, just skim over those parts. I know from experience reading other blogs that I always want to where other people got their stuff. I'm consistently inspired by other blogs and websites and get frustrated if they don't share the details.)

We might do something with shades under the curtains (like this) in the future, but at this point we're just thankful for a little privacy. Plus, they just make the place look a bit more homey.

Please disregard the fact that A) our living room is all-but empty, B) there is blue tape in places on the wall (reminding me where I need to do some touching up), and C) our entry mats are dirty/not right for that space. We're a work in progress around here!


Marcia said...

very exciting! and it's fun to see the progress :)

Paulina said...

you guys! it looks beautiful!! can't wait to see it in person one day :)

Janine said...

How fun! I love the colors, especially the blue in the living room, and that flooring is gorgeous!

Lynn said...

Lovely. You have great taste. Can't wait to see more!