Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer Lovin'

We love this guy and use him all the time during the summer months! Isn't he cute?

I have to admit that we're not experts. Our go-to grill outs tend to include a lot of hot dogs, and the occasional hamburger. I have also mastered the art of potatoes grilled in aluminum foil. Yep, pretty basic.

Last week I decided to get fancy with things, after being quite inspired by Short Stop's post on shish kabobs.

They didn't disappoint. The marinade is JUST terrific.

MMM... come to mama.

Now that I have confidence that we can tackle more complex grilling projects, I need some more recipes!

Any ideas?


Searle Family said...

Try the marinated flank steak on my food blog. www.smittenwithmykitchen.blogspot.com it is one of my absolute favorites!

Phillip said...

When you marinate chicken poke some holes in it first with a fork. This gets the marinate throughout the meat. That is my newest trick.

Short Stop said...

Hooray! You liked the kabobs!

Let's see - I loved Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad, London Broil, and Pit Beef. (all of those recipes are on my blog). I think those are 3 of my all-time favorite things to make on the grill! :)