Wednesday, June 24, 2009

DIY Project #1 of 32453

Does this table and chair set look familiar to any of our IU friends?

It should, because it used to belong in Lora and Patrick's home in Bloomington. Except then the table top and chair seats were wood, and everything else was painted sage green.

We bought it from Lora and Patrick last weekend, and then Josh sanded it down and painted it black to match our bar stools. He did a really nice job!

Used table and chairs: $50
Paint: $15
Total: $65

(Cheap) new table set we had our eye on: $400

DIY Savings: $335


Aletha Jo said...

Looks great, Jessica! I love DIY projects which can save SO much money. Looking forward to following along as you furnish your new home.

Lynn said...

Wow! That is a great shabby sheik savings!

Gram said...

Oh, you are your grandmothers child for sure! It looks great for your kitchen!

Erika said...

Don't you just love saving money! It's amazing the things you can buy/get a whole lot cheaper once you start looking and asking around. We've furnished much of our home that way :)

Searle Family said...

They look great!!