Monday, September 14, 2009

Detroit Tigers

I grew up in a family that enjoyed sports.

I played some softball and basketball growing up. My dad watched football on T.V. And about once each summer we'd head to Detroit for a Tigers game.

Josh grew up in a family that LOVED sports.

He played soccer, hockey, basketball, golf, baseball, and tennis. A lot. He started going to Michigan football games at age three. His dad has had season tickets since '75 and even when they moved away from Michigan they would drive in for most games from Iowa and Wisconsin. And they went to all kinds of other major sporting events, too. Golf tournaments. Pistons games. Tigers games. Red Wings games.

So it was only fitting that, during the past two weeks when Josh's parents came to visit, he and his dad made it to three separate sporting events. And that doesn't count sports watched on TV.

All in Michigan (where most of their sports loyalties are found).
All in 8 days.

The Michigan - Western Michigan football game.

The Michigan - Notre Dame football game (and HOLY COW what a game that was. I'm still a little jumpy just thinking about it.)

And the Tigers - Blue Jays game.

Comerica Park, where the Tigers play, is an interesting place. Any place that is A) set in downtown Detroit and B) is actually nice is an interesting place in my book.


You see, Detroit is a hole. A mess. A really sad place. The median home price in the city is $7500. For six years the city was governed by an extremely corrupt mayor. This only ended last September. And when go to a Tigers game, you park in a shady-looking lot, then walk past a number of abandoned buildings, and then TA DA find yourself in the in front of the very beautiful Comerica Park. It is clean, new, and nice. Only two blocks away from your will I ever see my car again parking spot, and yet in a completely different world. It sits next to the very new and nice Ford Field. Such a weird dichotomy.

I've never been anywhere remotely like it.


Detroit, and the state it is in, is sad to me. But aside from that I do like a good old fashioned baseball game. At home, I don't really care to watch baseball on TV. I don't follow it online. But when I'm there? It's fun. Buy me some peanuts (but keep the cracker jacks!) and give me a score card.



See this face? It says I know you're taking a picture of me. And since it is your 200th picture in the last 10 minutes, I'm a little annoyed.

Get used to it, love.

That's better.

I don't know what it is, but there is just something about it.

For both the big sports fans (my husband and father-in-law) and me.


Erika said...

Looks like someone's having fun with her camera :) You crack me up, Jess. I always enjoy reading your posts. Thanks for the smiles.e

Lynn said...

Your pictures are amazing! Glad to see you are enjoying your new camera.

Laura said...

I still remember the first time I went to CoAmerica Park, but it wasn't for a baseball game! Good times... good memories...

Jenni S. said...

We *almost* went to the Cubs Tigers series this summer, but it was just days before our trip to Charlotte and we knew we couldn't do it logistically. Maybe we'll catch a game next summer.