Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pacific Northwest, Part 1

Without further ado, here are the first three of our Top Ten:

10. Portland.

I'd been to Portland once before, but this trip was a first for Josh. I must say I'm thankful for an excuse (a meeting for work) to go there regularly. It is a pretty city, with a big river running through it and bridges all around town. Plus, it has a certain charming grittiness to it which I enjoy. Oh, and the city is known for GREAT food.


9. Portland's Washington Park - The Rose Garden.

Josh reads up on the places we're going ahead of time and plans out what he'd like to see, while I just roll with the flow. He'd found out about this place and suggested we go and see it. I, of course, had no idea of it's existence. But perched up on a hill overlooking the city is a big old park, and a part of the park is dedicated to an enormous rose garden.

I'm thankful Josh takes care of the trip research.

8. Seattle.

When it comes to vacations, give us big cities over beaches any day of the week. I'd say we're "city people" except we don't actually live in a big city or anything. But we enjoy them. This was my first trip to Seattle and I was TOTALLY impressed. I don't know what I was expecting but let me tell you a little something I didn't know going in:

In Seattle, there is water EVERYWHERE.

And lots of boats. And hills.

From Puget Sound to Lake Washington to Lake Union, and all kinds of canals in between, we pretty much saw water wherever we went. And remember those house boats from Sleepless in Seattle? They're totally sweet.

Seattle Main


A Joyful Chaos said...

Looks like a great place to vacation.

Jenni S. said...

Your pictures are seriously AMAZING, Jessica. And I love how you displayed them. This post alone makes me want to go out there and see these things. You really have a great eye for finding everyday things beautiful.

Kristen said...

The pictures are AMAZING! wow!

I am glad you had such a great trip. We leave for Seattle tomorrow. I haven't been there since I was in 9th grade and it was for a youth convention so not much time spent exploring. I am excited to be able to spend some time there.

I haven't been to Portland either (sad when we live only 7 hours from there) but I am hoping to meet up with a friend there this fall. Your pictures definitely make me excited to go!

Erika said...

Love the pics, Jess. The rose garden looked beautiful. Makes me want to visit myself...

Short Stop said...

You just missed Jason. He's been in Seattle all week long.

Beautiful pictures, Jessica! Every time Jason goes out there, he says, "I've *got* to bring you out here. Let's find a way."

Wanna come babysit? LOL!!!

Lynn said...

GREAT pictures! I really need to start experimenting with my camera more.

Patrick is in Portland this week visiting his dad. You may have brushed shoulders in a Starbucks and not even realized it. ;o)

Denise said...

your pictures are beautiful!

i am the friend that kristen (from a previous comment) is planning on meeting up with in portland (we're blog friends who have become real life friends, i'm from cali. she's from idaho. it's wonderful and crazy!).
she directed me to your blog.

i have been to seattle. it is one of my favorite places to visit ever! my favorite city.

can i ask a question... how did you adjust your html to get your photos so large! i have been attempting to do it myself, but with no luck.