Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Card Craft

I love, love, love Christmas cards. Especially the kind that come in the mail. For me, they're a wonderful reminder of the incredible blessing of friends and family, and I so appreciate each one. I get so excited for the mail to come every day, it's like I'm a little kid.

Since they cards so cheerful and colorful and fun, I feel it would be a shame to keep them in a stack, box, or basket. The solution around here?

Hang them over the doors in our kitchen. With mini clothes pins. Festive ones.

They're very easy to make. Crazy easy.

Step One: Buy clothes pins. This was the hardest part!

Step Two: Find some paper you like. I found these in my scrap box and figured they were all holiday-ish enough to suit me.

Step Three: Cut strips of paper to the size of the front of your clothes pin. Mine happened to be 1 3/4 inches by 1/4 inch. Once I'd cut some of the paper I realized that the pattern didn't translate well onto such a small space. So I didn't use those.
Step Four: Glue the paper onto the clothes pins. Let it dry some.

Aaaannndddd.... DONE!

To hand up the cards, I cut some ribbon and tacked it to the door trim with clear push pins. Then my little clothes pin beauties keep the cards in place.

Fun and easy.


Deni said...

What exactly do you use to hold them to the door frame! I wanted to do that for ours, but I could not find mini clips...where did you get yours. I love how many cards you have! And I know one of them is ours :)

Sue said...

That's super cute!

Ali said...

Okay, I'm a BIG fan. We tape to the fridge - how lame! This is a GREAT idea. Thanks for sharing :)

Kristen said...

i love those clips... so cute.

yeah for finding time to get crafty.