Thursday, December 30, 2010

Operation New Year, New You

We've got classic goals around here for 2011:

A food diet & and cash diet.

Food diet

The problem: we both have some baby weight to lose! Me especially. Remember these shots? Well, some of it stuck around. And I was a terrible influence on Josh throughout the pregnancy since I always wanted either hamburgers or pizza for dinner.

The plan: Weight Watchers, baby. I've done it before and saw some success. Also, they have a nursing mom plan so that's helpful. This will be a first for Josh but I think he'll do well with it. Bonus: his employer helps pay for it!

Cash diet

The problem: we let our budget fall to the wayside for November and December. Who wants to have a strict budget the month they bring home a baby? Not us. And our credit card bill bears evidence.

The plan: Dave Ramsey style envelopes. We spend way less $ when we're working with cash. It's just a pain to keep track of sometimes, and we get lazy. But, come January 1, we're going to get back on that horse.

The exception: The basement. We're going to do a low budget remodel/spruce up over the next few months. BUT we're going to set a budget and stick to it. It currently looks like this (only MUCH messier!) and we're excited to get started on it.

The one we're waiting on: Cloth Diapers

I had fully intended on starting this up after the holidays, but Caroline's skinny chicken legs don't fill out the leg holes of the diapers quite yet. As much fun as it would be to have several blow-outs per day, I think we'll wait another few weeks. Once we do make that transition, it will help the whole cash diet thing...


Kristen said...

i am with your sister.

i started ww in late november early december but with the holidays, sick kids, and now mauryn's surgery it went to the wayside but i am kicking it in gear starting with the new year. i really really like the new points system. i think it is easier and much better than the old system.

we are kicking our budget into gear in january too. it hasn't been horrible but it hasn't been good either. i need to tighten the reigns on our spending.

Ali said...

We're right there with you. Matt and I have ended way too many months lately saying, "man, I feel huge and poor." I have no intention of being able to say, "I feel skinny and rich," but it sure would be nice to be confident in our physical and financial health.

Deni said...

I really wish you the best with W.W. I have decided to do Spark People instead, but i know it will work for me! If you ever want to work out, go walk, whatever, give me a hollar!

Janine Dent said...

Let me know if you want any suggestions for the food diet. I'll be glad to share with you the things I've learned on my wellness journey this year.