Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I may be alone in this...

...but I love baby overalls.

For either gender.

For every age. (We have at least 8 pairs in various sizes and colors.)

I don't care that I found these in the baby boy section of Once Upon a Child.

Caroline will often be dressed in overalls until she's big enough to choose her own clothes.

And hopefully after that, too.


Erika said...

You are quite the homemaker, Jess, you amaze me :) I Love the shot where Caroline is smiling - adorable pics!!! And yep, baby overalls are too cute on any baby :)

Ali said...

LOVE. You are NOT alone.

Kristen said...

look at her smile... love it!

i adore babies in overalls... adore them. she looks just darling.

Deni said...

I didn't like them when Parker was smaller, but now, I ADORE WTHEM!