Sunday, September 30, 2007

Birthday Birthday

Wow, what a weekend. I am a happy girl right now.

I've just had blessings showered upon me for the last couple days and it has been amazing. I'm just going to start thanking people, so in your mind picture me making a speech, like at the Oscars.

I want to thank Jesus, who loves me so tenderly, understands my every thought and need, and orchestrates every blessing.

I want to thank my amazing family, who love God and trust him with every step. You showered me with fun gifts (a basket delivered to my work, new "cozies," running shoes, a purse from Erin, money -already spent!- from Grandpa and Grandma, and more) and glasses of red wine and amazing conversation. I received some fun gifts from the Brown side, too - shoes, Dance Dance Revolution for the Xbox 360 (I should really post pictures of that one sometime), and more spending money (also already spent!). Thank you, thank you. You made me feel so special.

I thank my co-workers at Z, who sang Happy Birthday to me, took me out for lunch (thanks again, Brenda!), and just stopped by my cube to say hi. It was so great to be back in the office for a day!

And I want to thank my friends. I had friends call and/or leave messages for me on Facebook. I shared sweet fellowship with Grace and Kathy (Saturday morning) and then Kara and Julie (Saturday afternoon). (Erika, we missed you!!!) I'm so thankful for friends to share life with... good times and tough times. No need to put up pretenses or make small talk. Just honest, encouraging, real conversation. I also loved seeing/kissing/snuggling little babies that I don't get to watch grow up as easily these days. Thank you for also for my gifts! Burts Bees products, a yummy candle, Chinese takeout, and a flower holder. I love them all.

And, last but not least, my sweet hubby, who couldn't be with me on my birthday (he was on a Wild At Heart-themed retreat with some guys from school) but gave me lots of calls, let me order a Timbuk2 bag last weekend, and had beautiful flowers (and a cleaned-up living room) here for me when I returned home. He knows knows what I like! And then a dinner out at our favorite pizza place when I got home. Perfect.

Such blessings. So thankful. So smiley right now.


Short Stop said...

Happy Birthday, Jessica!!

WOW! What an awesome birthday! Sounds like you are really loved! :)

Erika said...

Awww, Happy Birthday, Jessica!!! I'm sorry I missed it. I miss you guys too :( I agree, it does sound like you are well loved, my friend. May the feeling continue, but even on the days it doesn't may you still know it's true. Love ya

Erika said...

oh yeah, the shop-lifting sea gull- hilarious! Cracked me up. Thanks also for always commenting and letting me know you read what I write. I do appreciate you and your words!