Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Covered Bridge

The county next to ours, Brown County, is known for covered bridges. I found this one with some buddies yesterday in the po-dunk town of Bean Blossom. I think it will be fun to discover more over these next couple of years.
My friend Lora (in yellow below) has lived in the area for a few years and showed up to an event a couple weeks ago wearing a "Beautiful Downtown Bean Blossom" t-shirt. It is actually kind of a joke because Bean Blossom consists of a convenience store and a couple of junky-looking, nondescript buildings. Well, we decided on the spot that we each needed a Bean Blossom t-shirt and then made the pilgrimage to Bean Blossom for a fun Labor Day activity. The students actually had school (how crazy is that) but us working folk had the day off. Why not take a random trip to the countryside?
Check us out: Me, Lora, Amber, Kendra, Allison, Laura in our new, VERY fashionable t-shirts.

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