Thursday, September 13, 2007

My fun moments of the week

This week has been long. And busy. And stressful at times.

There have been so many small, exciting moments, too. Let me share some (NOT in any particular order - Josh looked over my shoulder and was sad he didn't make it until #5):

1. I discovered the Monroe County Library and it is big and wonderful and has a great book selection. Good becuase I have no budget for purchasing non-Zondervan books.

2. They gave me a library card that attaches to my key chain! I've never seen that before! Maybe those are common place now... I'm not sure. But someone was thinkin'.

3. I went to my first Partner's Club Book Club, and it was really fun. We discussed One True Thing and made plans for the next few months. I'm very excited for the books we'll soon be reading! I even got a Zondervan book to make the list.

4. I got a couple more books from my mother-in-law in the mail. One was a different Charles Martin book (because I loved When Crickets Cry so much) and the other was The Truth Teller, which looks really good!

Ok, for some non-book-related happy moments:

5. Josh is taking me on a date tonight to The Olive Garden... mmm... I don't get to see him as much as I used to so these date nights have become even more special!

6. There is a FALL CHILL in the air! Yipee! I LOVE FALL. Sweatshirts, jeans, apple cider, football, pretty colors... what more can you ask for. Plus, since it has been crazy hot here lately it is a beautiful wonderful thing to have to wear long pants when you go places. When I drove to work this morning (and I go straight through campus) it was like 50 degrees and all the students were wrapped up in their hoodie sweatshirts... it made me smile.

7. I made lasagne for the first time (that time with Kara when we made some for Julie and Erika didn't count, because she was really holding my hand the entire time and it was still a disaster). It tasted good but didn't exactly hold together well. Pretty much a mishedy-mash of sauce, cheese, and noodles. However, when you use Grandma Ackerman's "Bear Meat" sauce recipe, anything tastes good.

8. Lets just say Riley was struggling with some digestional problems earlier this week and I believe they've cleared up.

9. The Riley/Josh snuggle reading moment from a couple days ago.

10. Discovering an outlet mall about an hour from here with a BANANA REPUBLIC outlet store... and wow was it good. Josh even got a new suit. He looks very handsome in it :).

I'm thankful for a God who gives me unexpected little blessings that I don't deserve throughout my days and weeks.

Now I'm off to go on my date with my cute hubby.


buurstra+buurstra=anotherbuurstra said...

You're so make me smile! :) Glad to hear things are well with you. We're anxious to see you in a couple of weeks! Hi to Josh and Riley!

Erika said...

Ahhh, how fun! I hope you guys have a good date. Olive Garden is definitely a special place :) Jess, the lasagna was delicious that you guys made so I'm sure the one you made on your own was just as good.
Enjoy the books, the mall, the blessings, the hubby... :) we miss you guys.