Friday, September 21, 2007

Who Knew?

MANY conversations around the B-School (and the Partner's Club) revolve around asking where people want to end up after school. This subject is of great curiousity to me, the big planner that I am. Josh and I discuss it quite often (more than he'd like to, I'm sure!). Here was a recent conversation of ours:

Jessica: So where do you want to live after you're done with school?

Josh: Depends on where I get a job.

Jessica: But if you could choose?

Josh: I don't know... Minneapolis, Cleveland, Cincinnatti, Chicago, Indy... somewhere in the Midwest, probably. Or Kellogg's is in Battle Creek. Or Whirlpool in St. Joe. Don't want to live in L.A. or on the East Coast, but we'll see.

Jessica: What about the Pacific Northwest? Or Denver?

Josh: I could be up for that.

Jessica: I could never see us living south of the Mason-Dixon line, could you?

Josh: Honey, we now live south of the Mason-Dixon line.

Hm. Good to know.

I forget that we live so far south.


Short Stop said...

LOL! We've had a very similar conversation. Honestly, I could live long as I'm with Jason! Awww...

BTW, we've been watching episodes of Season 3 of The Office every night! It's insanely hilarious!

Josh & Jessica Brown said...

Yeah, I could probably be convinced to live anywhere. But I have my favorites.

And I'm glad you're enjoying The Office. We're so completely hooked. Season Premier on Thursday night!

sbaar said...

Yes, Kent and I talk about this too. This is such a great post because I can totally hear you saying "Hm. Good to know." Lol.

And woo hoo for Season 4 premiere!