Sunday, September 2, 2007

Riley's Big Day

I'm Riley. Let me tell you about my exciting afternoon.

Dad and Mama took me to the cute little town of Nashville, IN. They said it kind of reminded them of Petoskey or Saugatuck, and it was only about 15 minutes away from our house.
We had a great time exploring.
I met the biggest dog I'd ever seen...

... and Mama shared the core of her caramel apple with me... so yummy.

They even had a treat shop just for dogs!

So Mama and Dad bought me some goodies.

I met so many people! I was the talk of the town, being both unique-looking and slightly gimpy.

After walking around for awhile I got so tired that I laid down and refused to move...

...and Dad had to carry me to the car.

I had a bunch of fun in Nashville, but I was ready to go home.

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Jaimbob said...

... hmmm... ;) (I think you can read my mind about this post...)