Friday, November 28, 2008

All About Gingerbreads: Part 5

Well, the gingerbread festivities are over.  Mostly.

And oh, we had fun.  Crazy, messy, busy, sticky fun.  We're talking kids running all over, covered in frosting, adults getting political (more on that later), and even a gingerbread demise.  And then my mom was unable to finish since my dad ate her roofing material.  I'll post pictures soon, I promise.  

But before I do, I'd like to dedicate a post to classic Decorating Fixin's.  By this I mean various food/candy items to use for roofs, siding, sidewalks, shutters, etc for your gingerbread creation.  

House Walls
-plain old graham crackers or gingerbread
-sugar cubes
-pretzel sticks
-sticks of gum

-cereal like Frosted Mini-Wheats or Chex
-mini Nilla Wafers
-candy! Smartees, licorice, gum drops, etc.
-gum, once again

Other Ideas for the House
-layered wafer cookies for shutters, doors
-Necco's broken into pieces for a fieldstone effect

-regular or mini M&Ms
-candy buttons

-gummy trees
-sugar cones turned upside down and plastered with green frosting
-Chicklets or other flat candy for a path or sidewalk
-Rice Krispies died green and molded into shrubbery

-candy canes
-red hots
-jelly beans
-Mike& Ikes
-gum drops
-candy corn
-coconut (makes for great-looking snow!)

Is there anything I'm missing? Leave it here! We're always looking for new ideas.


Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for pictures. So whose house fell apart?

Erika said...

Whoa, so your dad ate your mom's roof? Wow, can't wait to hear about the fun :) Love the pics, Jess, keep 'em coming.

Dave and Jenni said...

Your dad eating the roof reminds me of that cell phone commercial where the gingerbread dad is trying to fix his house and people keep eating it. LOL. Can't wait to see this year's pictures!