Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Well, Michigan Football is a Disappointment...

... but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy a college football game in beautiful fall weather.

Josh's parents flew in from Phoenix for the weekend and the four of us headed up to W. Lafayette on Saturday for the Michigan/Purdue game. The game was another debacle, but we managed to have fun anyway. I mean, 70 degrees on November 1st? Not too shabby.

A couple of observations from my Purdue game experience:
1. Bad rap music pumped into a college football game is a little ridiculous. So are scenes from Jaws and Jurassic Park when shown on the main scoreboard to emphasize particular plays.

2. Michigan's team is really, really awful, and we're shaping up to be the embarrassment Notre Dame was last year. We made Purdue's third string QB look good.

3. Angry, unintelligent, belligerent fans - even those that are cheering for the same team you are - sour the entire experience when you find yourself sitting in front of them.

4. The slow little train making its way across the field while the players ran out at the start of the game made me laugh. Has anyone seen this phenomenon?

5. The Boilermakers need to choose a mascot and stick with it. Is it a train? The world's largest drum? Or guy in a plastic costume known as "Purdue Pete?"

6. Getting to catch up with old college friends is a delight! I was putting ketchup on my overpriced hot dog when I heard my name being called. When I looked up, I saw Emily (who I call "Emting") and Ashleigh, who were good friends of mine at Michigan and people I rarely get to see. I sat with them during the 4th quarter and loved hearing about what they're up to - campus ministry, an upcoming wedding, plans for the future, and the like. It was wonderful to see them - what an unexpected blessing!


kendra said...

i echo all of your comments/ observations of the purdue football experience! i laughed hysterically at the train. this is why i changed my facebook status to "wondering why anyone would want to be a boilermaker" after i went to the game :)!

Dave and Jenni said...

LOL - OK these are fighting words, considering that I married a Boilermaker. LOL. I won't bore you with mascot details, but trust me, there are many MANY worse mascots a school could have.